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Join in our latest Fundraising Campaign

Following on from our successful virtual 10K which launched Boston Community Runners back in April, just over 6 months ago, we are on another adventure! One of our members, Sarah Clarke, told us about her decision to sign up for our very own Boston Marathon to be held in April 2018 to try and fundraise to help finish the nursery at the Hawthorn Tree Community Childrens Centre.

The centre is located on Toot Lane in Boston and offers pre-school to children in Boston from the age of 2+ as well as offering breakfast clubs, afterschool clubs and holiday clubs. At the moment they are at the first fix stage for electrics. There is nothing else in the building as a charity status they need it decorated, carpeting, toilets and of course all the toys, games and learning equipment.

Sarah has managed a Half Marathon, a Full Marathon is totally new territory for her so we got to thinking, we can't let her do this on her own, we're Boston Community Runners and we are all up for helping each other and our town.

So, here's what we are doing, we are going to get as many of us as possible in our Boston colours to run the Full Marathon or the Half Marathon or the 5K Run and we need as many people as possible to share our story, family and friends, to help us raise as much as we can through Sarahs Just Giving page. If you cannot run we will need you to cheer us all on, on the day! When we get members signing up to run we'll put their picture up on the What's On page at so you can see who's taking part. Lets show everyone what we already know - Boston's a great place with great people. It's a fabulous community.

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