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What on Earth is "Jeffing". You'll be surprised!!  Come along and join in with our Jeffing Group.

“Jeffing” has been a growing phenomenon over the past few years and has enabled more people to get into running who would have been frowned upon by the more serious running clubs.  The abbreviation was coined by users of the Run / Walk method to describe the Jeff Galloway Approach to Running.  As more and more people got out, and with the help of parkrun, and started posting about their successful runs using the Run Walk method it prompted huge interest with people asking “What is Jeffing”? So, here's a little history for you.

The Jeff Galloway Method.

The Jeff Galloway approach started in 1974 when Jeff was teaching a group of runners with varying abilities.  He decided he wanted to develop a way of helping them all to achieve their distance goals in a manageable way that minimised fatigue and injury.  Over a number of years he developed his hugely popular Run Walk method that has now been used by well over a million people.

People have found “Jeffing” has helped them to run further than they had previously managed and there have even been some smashed PB’s again and again.  It is a very familiar way of running to those that have completed the C25k programme but not as demanding on the body.


The Jeff Galloway method claims a number of benefits to training and racing this way


  • Manageable plans for all runners

  • Reduced fatigue

  • Reduced chance of injury

  • Gives the runner a feeling of being in control


Jeff Galloway run/walking offers runners a way of building up to longer distances in a gradual and manageable way without putting too much stress on the body.  It allows those using the method to complete long runs without that feeling of exhaustion afterwards.  It also gives runners a strategy for their races helping them to control their fatigue and body temperature and to maintain a steady pace without dropping off in the latter part of the event.

Getting Started

Getting started with the Jeff Galloway method is fairly easy.  The plan works by identifying a baseline mile pace using the Magic Mile.  This then helps to define the pace for your long runs and the run to walk ratio you should use.

Jeff Galloway says, “The most common reason identified for injuries in distance runners is running too fast on long runs. Most people who run too fast don’t have a clue as to what too fast is.  The magic mile can tell people that.”

Once you have your walk to run ratio you are ready to give the Jeff Galloway method a go.  It is important to use the walk breaks before you start to feel fatigued to gain the full benefits.  Jeff suggests doing this from the very first mile.

Run walking can feel alien to many runners as we have it drummed into us from an early age that walk breaks somehow equate to giving in or cheating.  However, with so many people giving ‘Jeffing’ a go and finding it works for them perhaps it’s time to give it a try?

Get in touch with us if you are interested in coming along. Our RunWalkRun Group meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6.50pm for a 7pm start from Peter Paine.

...step by step, bit by bit, with friends in tow we CAN do it...

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