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There's some fun lined up for BCR throughout 2024. Here's what is planned throughout our running, jeffing and walking year. All full members can take part. The calendar year for BCR runs from April 1st to March 31st. 

2024 sees the return of the BCR League - with a little difference once again! We have some super fast runners in the group and it's fair to say we also have runners who are not so speedy. That's the beauty of our running club, it's all inclusive and everyone supports each other to be the best they can - running, jeffing or walking. So, our League Championship is points based and here's how you will score your points.....

5pts  -  For taking part in an Event (one event per race league month)

2pts  -  For breaking your own PB on 10k or longer

3pts  -  For setting a 5k PB during an event longer than 5k (ie a 5 miler, 10k etc)

5pts  -  For a Negative Split Race

3pts  -  For getting a new longest distance record

1pt    -  For wearing your BCR colours

4pts  -  Getting an official results time with the seconds at 00

3pts  -  Getting a catagory 1st, 2nd or 3rd

You will see below that all distances are catered for and all abilities whether running, jeffing or walking. The events are specially chosen so that all abilities can take part - even the walkers.

NEW THIS YEAR two months have JOKERS - for these months you can choose an event to take part in but you MUST let us know what the event is BEFORE you take part, it cannot be added after! (It can be last minute but before the event starts)

Here you go...... here's what's planned for this year for BCR members. (Any event cancelled will be replaced)

April               Boston Marathon - Full, Half 10k or 5K


May                Eye 10k or 3k Family Fun Run.


June                Woodhall Spa 10k

July                  ****JOKER****


August            Sleaford Striders Summer 10k "The Cake Run"

September    Ponton Plod 26mile, 17mile, 12mile or 6.2mile

October          West Pinchbeck 10k

November     The Three Rivers Challenge


January          ****JOKER****

February       Rauceby Ripper


March              Thorney 10k




Lee Conway Cake Dash_edited.jpg
CONGRATULATIONS to the 2023 BCR League Winner
And 2023 Runner Up
Nick grimsby_edited.jpg
Lee Conway
Nick Turner
CONGRATULATIONS to the 2022 BCR League Winner
And 2022 Joint Runners Up
clare Tromso_edited.jpg
Nick skeggy (2)_edited.jpg
Mary Turner
Clare Teesdale & Nick Turner

....the ability to take those extra steps lies in-between your ears....

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