It’s free Running or walking in a parkrun event is totally free. You don’t pay to run, ever. And every event is organised by a group of local volunteers.

It’s for everyone Whether you’re young or old, male or female, fit or unfit, able-bodied or not, you’re always welcome. It’s not about racing, it’s about going the distance.

It's forever So long as we have our fantastic volunteers and backers to make it happen, our events will always be free and everyone will always be welcome!

About parkrun Parkrun is such a simple concept: turn up every Saturday and cover a 5km.  It doesn’t matter how fast you go. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing. What matters is taking part. There are now parkrun events each Saturday in countries all around the world. Each event is based in a unique location like a park, beach or promenade. All events are organised by a group of  wonderful dedicated volunteers. parkrun is all about inclusiveness and wellbeing. parkrun want as many people as possible to feel part of a real local community brought together by these events, as well as the global parkrun family. It’s why parkruns are never more than 5km – it’s a distance that anyone can complete (even if some of us are walking) and you are never left behind. parkrun always has a volunteer Tail Walker who is always last home.

The format of parkrun so simple: register once, then turn up and take part wherever you want, whenever you want.


You can read more about our Boston parkrun here including the location details and you can register for parkrun here so you are ready to take part.

If you are still a little concerned about joining in why not just pop down on a Saturday morning to watch and cheer the runners, joggers and walkers on their way, you will get that feel good factor by just watching so why just imagine what it would be like to take part.

....the ability to take those extra steps lies in between your ears....