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Running Wild at the Wolf Run

Paul Maddison took part in the Wolf Run with his brother Danny. The Wolf Run is an approx. 10k off-road run featuring a series of man-made and natural obstacles located throughout the course. The concept behind the Wolf Run was to re-create the feeling of running in natural terrain - a wild run that would allow people to experience natural, raw running conditions as far as possible whilst also presenting runners with a challenging, interesting and enjoyable event. Paul said at the end “Although I say it myself, for a slightly o/weight 55 year old, who had major knee surgery not so long back, just about having to learn to walk again. Then the specialist saying "My running days are over" and for the things I've been through these last couple of years, I don't think I do to bad.....Never underestimate yourself, believe in yourself....Make yourself a bucket list and do it”

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