Club Constitution

  1. The Club

  2. The Committee

  3. Membership and Subscriptions

  4. The Annual General Meeting

  5. Equal Opportunities

  6. Club Runs

  7. Grievance Procedure

1. The Club
1.1. The name of the Club shall be ‘Boston Community Runners’ (hereafter referred to as ‘the Club’).
1.2. The Club shall exist to inspire and support runners of all abilities. The object of the Club is to help people to build confidence and improve their running and achieve their own personal goals, as well as to share their enjoyment of the sport with like-minded individuals and to promote the good within the community of Boston and surrounding villages.
1.3. Club colours shall be a White with Black and Gold vertical stripes and Red writing, and shall be worn with shorts or leggings. Club colours may only be reviewed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in April. Club colours must be worn in all team competitions, as required by the governing body. Members must also wear Club colours in order to be eligible for any Club records and any Club competitions, unless they are running for a charity.

2. The Committee
2.1. Management of the Club shall be vested in a Committee consisting of a Chairperson, General Secretary, Treasurer, and any other elected members. The duties of the general Committee shall be: to control the affairs of the Club on behalf of the members; to approve membership of the Club; to keep accurate accounts of Club finances (the Club’s financial year shall run from 1st April to 31st March), which should be maintained via a Club bank account, and available for reasonable inspection by members and should be audited before every AGM; to co-opt additional members to the Committee as necessary; to fill any vacancy which may occur in the executive officers or general Committee; to make decisions on the basis of a simple majority vote (in the case of equal votes, the Chairperson shall be entitled to an additional casting vote; a quorum for decision-making shall be 3, of which 2 must be executive officers); to appoint sub-committees for the purpose of organising races, social events.
2.2. All officials and Committee members must be fully registered members who are willing to disclose their contact details to Club members. Officials and Committee members must agree to act in the interests of the Club at all times, whilst acting as a Club representative.
2.3. A quorum for a Committee meeting shall consist of three members, and there should be a minimum of four Committee meetings during the year. Committee members must attend a minimum of 50% of Committee meetings in order to be eligible for re-election.
2.4. Minutes of Committee meetings shall be made available to all members of the Club following verification. Any outstanding items from these minutes shall be included in the Agenda for the next meeting.
2.5. A general meeting of the Club shall be called if the Committee, guided by this Constitution, is unable to resolve any matter or question. No responsibility shall be accepted by the Club for any action which has not been approved by the Committee and recorded in the Club minutes.
2.6. The term of office for Committee members shall be one year to the next AGM, when they shall automatically retire but be eligible for re-election.
2.7. All those wishing to seek re-election or election will need to make their intentions known to the General Secretary in writing in the two weeks prior to the AGM. Only members willing to serve shall be nominated.
2.8. The Committee has the authority to fill any vacancies that occur between AGMs.

3. Membership and Subscriptions
3.1. Membership shall be restricted to amateurs (as defined by current governing body rules) and shall be granted at the discretion of the Committee.
3.2. Application for membership may be made by existing and prospective members. New members will normally be expected to apply for membership after a familiarisation period not expected to exceed one month.
3.3. The subscription period shall cover a period of twelve months which equates to £1 per month running from April to March. Membership must be renewed annually. New members joining during the year will pay only for the months from when they joined, ie joined in December would pay £4
3.4. Subscriptions shall be reviewed at the AGM for the forthcoming membership.

3.5. Members may join the Club on a second claim basis. Second claim members shall enjoy the same membership entitlement as first claim members but with the following exceptions/rules:

  1. Second claim members will not be entitled to vote at AGM or any EGM

  2. Second claim members do not qualify for Club London Marathon places, as these are allocated by the organisers pro rata the number of first claim members.

  3. No refund of any subscription shall be made for any reason including injury, termination of membership or retirement from the club. The committee shall be permitted to withdraw membership from any Member.

  4. Club records may only be set if the member has entered the race as a club member and wear club colours.

3.6. Any non-payment of subscriptions shall be dealt with according to the current governing body rules, which at present forbids any athlete from joining another club until they have discharged their financial responsibilities to their current Club. Any person wishing not to renew their membership shall put their intentions in writing and submit it to the Membership Secretary before the club year end. Any person failing to do so shall be deemed to have rejoined the Club and the Club fees shall be required.
3.7. No refund of any subscription shall be made for any reason whatsoever including, but not limited to, injury, termination of membership or retirement from the Club. The Committee shall be permitted to withdraw membership from any member.
3.8. Only current members shall be allowed to compete for the Club in either team or open competitions.

4. The Annual General Meeting
4.1. The AGM shall be held in March each year, or, in exceptional circumstances and with Committee approval, as soon as possible thereafter.
4.2. Presented at the AGM shall be a Chairperson’s report and a Secretary’s report, both of which will cover the year’s fixtures and social events. The Treasurer will also present the most recent statement of the year’s accounts; and at the discretion of the Chairman, other members may be called upon to make reports on various aspects not already covered by the above.
4.3. Committee members shall be elected, by a majority vote, at the AGM. Committee members shall take official office seven days later. Members wishing to stand for a Committee position must declare their intentions in writing in the two weeks prior to the AGM. A current Club member must also be willing to propose their candidacy at the AGM, and another Club member must be willing to second this proposal. In the event of a draw, a revote will take place.
4.4. The Constitution shall not be amended except at the AGM. Any change to the Constitution requires approval by 75% of the votes present at the meeting at which the change is considered. Any proposed change shall be notified to members in writing at least twenty one days before the AGM at which a decision is to be made.
4.5. Only fully paid up members, who are a minimum of eighteen years of age, shall be entitled to vote at the AGM.
4.6. Notice of the AGM, with the agenda shall be given to all members at least fourteen days before the date of the meeting. A member may propose any matter for discussion at the AGM under ‘Any Other Business’, provided that notice is given to the General Secretary, at least verbally, prior to the commencement of the meeting.

5. Equal Opportunities
5.1. The Club will, at all times, work within both the spirit and legal requirements of the current legislation regarding all forms of discrimination.

6. Club Runs
6.1. The Committee shall ensure that every Club run has a nominated run leader.
6.2. The Committee shall ensure that no member is left alone on a Club run, and shall thus operate a turn-back scheme.
6.3. All runners must ensure they are appropriately dressed for Club runs. The Committee reserves the right to refuse any person the opportunity to participate in a Club run, should their dress be deemed inappropriate for the conditions.

7. Grievance Procedure
7.1. If a Club member has a complaint regarding another Club member then s/he should make that complaint known to a Committee member in writing.
7.2. The Committee shall, if necessary, take action against any person or persons who wilfully break Club rules or act inappropriately against another member of the Club. Sanctions, if deemed necessary, include but are not limited to verbal or written warnings, termination of membership, and reporting to higher authorities.